Employees CRAVE job security, Honda’s unconventional workforce, Beauty biases in the office

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Welcome to my weekly take on better management for the future of knowledge work.

I’m away this week – so it’s a short edition (but packed with some great new research).

I hope your week is off to a great start.


This week in better management for knowledge work

Honda’s unconventional approach to talent: The how and why
Honda has long broken from regular auto hiring practices, instead searching for workers who have strayed far from the industry, and have charted an irregular path.

New research shows that workers CRAVE job security
Employees rate job security as critical in job selection. Yet most employers fail to recognise importance.

A survey of 332,860 managers shows inspiration is the most important leadership skill
Inspiration and motivating others was selected as the most important leadership skill at every level of the organisational hierarchy.

Management’s three eras: A brief history
How we’re making the transition from ‘organisation as machine’ to ‘mentor empathy’

Fat faces in the office: a brief history of workplace beauty biases
“A new study on the value of a fat face (for guys) joins a long tradition of beauty biases in the office”

Leaders should stop whingeing about Australia’s competitiveness
“Instead of putting the onus on the government, business should look at how it can improve capital productivity”

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