Why hire a facilitator for your management offsite?

Taking your management team away from the business for a day has a huge wage and opportunity cost. Yet we’ve all experienced a ‘typical’ management offsite – under-planned, under-prepared and completely forgotten, just weeks after the day wraps up.

An offsite is a day that you simply must do right. The cost of great facilitation is small when compared to the wage costs, opportunity costs, and frustration/disengagement costs of the typical management offsite.

Here’s some reasons why I might be the right person to facilitate your management offsite:

My focus in facilitation:

I’m very clear in offsite preparation and delivery, that you’re paying me for three things:

  • Ensuring that the right issues get the right amount of attention
  • Ensuring that you get the absolute best from your management team on the day
  • Ensuring that the discussion translates to actions, that are implemented in the business

Whilst the delivery is always different, the right preparation, recap and followup are always critical in ensuring results that can be seen in 12 months time.

Key objectives for a management offsite:

Objectives are tailored for every client in the upfront planning session with the offsite owner (most typically the CEO). Listed below are a common set of objectives that I work to for an annual management offsite:

  • Capturing the most significant medium term issues for the business
  • Ensuring the management team are engaged and feel ownership over key strategic initiatives for the next 12 months
  • Ensuring alignment, trust and engagement from all of the management team in the offsite process
  • Focusing discussion to a limited number of initiatives, and ensuring momentum through identification of key responsibilities and next steps

Proposed offsite timeline

The success of your offsite will be substantially determined before the start of the session. As a result, much of the work is focused on building a strong foundation of understanding, trust and priority before your management team walk into the room.

The following is a typical offsite timeline:

  • Desk based research and understanding (T-8 weeks)
    • Working through your strategy documents, reading materials and past offsite documentation to ensure a comprehensive understanding
  • Upfront objectives session (T-6 weeks)
    • With offsite owner – to ensure we have complete alignment around objectives for the offsite.
  • Preview session (T-4 weeks)
    • Facilitated 90-minute session with management team to preview the offsite and agree objectives.
  • Individual briefing with each member of management team (T-4 weeks)
    • 45 minute discussion with each member of the management team, to pre-identify issues / objectives and ensure trust in the process.
  • Distribution of materials (T-2 weeks)
    • Distribution of a detailed agenda and supporting materials (Every session will have a detailed agenda, objectives, data set and relevant reading materials).
  • Management offsite
  • Recap materials (T+2 days)
    • Distribution of agreed initiatives, agreements, responsibilities.
  • Recap session (T+4 weeks)
    • Facilitated 90-minute session with management team at T+4 weeks to recap and reaffirm on actions and timelines.

Why choose me:

With me as a facilitator you’re getting someone who really understands the range of issues your management team are facing. As well as functional understanding of most industries, I’ve got deep technical knowledge across finance, technology, HR and marketing. This broad scope of knowledge comes from years in investment banking + operational experience running and growing businesses (read more about me here).

Where appropriate and agreed, I’ll use this knowledge (and targeted research) to focus the conversation, highlight datapoints, or discuss prioritisation.

What clients say:

“Steve recently facilitated a session at our management team retreat focused on how our customers perception and positioning. The workshop was engaging, practical, and actionable – with a focused follow-up plan to make sure the results are implemented throughout our business. I strongly recommend Steve as a facilitator.”
– Eytan Lenko, Co-founder and Director, Outware Mobile

Like more information or a proposal?

For a three-page proposal customised to your business, get in contact via email or phone (03 9111 5659).