Two data points on employee recognition

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I came across two articles this week that I wanted to single out for your attention. Both are new perspectives on employee recognition – although they come at the issue from very different perspectives.

Recognition is One of the Keys to Great Management

Recognising your employees has a direct impact on how effective they see you as a manager. Maybe that’s not hugely surprising. But the numbers are pretty stark.

Quoting from the article: 81 percent of employees who are satisfied with the recognition they receive rate their managers as effective. In contrast, only 30 percent of the under-recognized see their managers as effective.”

Inflated praise: an ‘incredibly’ bad idea?

A research study looking at the impact of recognition on challenge seeking behaviour. Basically, these research found that giving children with low self esteem too much praise can cause lower future performance.

The performance effect was caused by as little as one word (i.e. “you made an incredibly beautiful drawing!” versus “you made a beautiful drawing!”).

Real food for thought for your next performance review process.

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