Launching Relationship Intelligence Workshops

I’m excited to announce our first big piece of news for 2014. We’re launching Relationship Intelligence management workshops.

The workshop is built on the science we’ve uncovered over the past 18 months about high performing organisations. It turns this research into simple and actionable insight.

In the session we walk through:

  • How high performance relationships drive the performance, engagement, innovation, happiness and health of your employees.
  • How relationships can lock-in high (and low) performance. You’ll explore what this means for monitoring and assessing your team.
  • How to spread ideas virally through your organisation – And why this could save you millions in change management.
  • The simple strategy to quickly increase your influence across the organisation.
  • The relationship principles of building high performance teams. How to get the right combination of personalities, relationships and innovation.
  • The five laws that drive all your professional (and personal) relationships.

This is all delivered over a three hour interactive session that’s limited to eight attendees. The brochure (attached below) has more details on the agenda, testimonials and logistics.

Relationship Intelligence Brochure

I’ve included some quotes from some of the people who attended our trial sessions in late 2013…. And weren’t they a positive bunch!

“A great session on the impact that relationships have on performance in the modern organisation… immediately applicable in how we approach large scale strategic change.
Callum Morrison
Senior HR Advisor, State Trustees

“The workshop covered a fascinating array of topics and provoked a lot of discussion around the table. There are so many potential applications… I’m excited to learn more and dive deeper into how I can apply it to my work. I highly recommend the workshops with Steve.
Daren Hill
Management Consultant, Human Capital

“This hands on, exercise based seminar is a must for all executives and managers no matter the size of your organisation! Steve, provided an excellent insight into relationships within an organisation.”
Ryan Berman
CEO, VidCorp

“Steve has a profound understanding of the research in the space of social networks as it applies to organisations… I have been impressed by his ability to push the existing frontier of knowledge in his work.”
Dr Eric Quintane
Honorary Research Fellow, The University of Melbourne

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