• The hands-on leader: Scott Stavretis at Acquire BPO


    Scott Stavretis is the CEO of Acquire BPO and was previously co-founder and COO of telecommunications company Dodo.

    Acquire BPO was established in 2005 to operate as a support centre for Dodo. Today, the company employs nearly 7,000 experienced professionals and operates from 12 locations in Australia, the Philippines, the US and the Dominican Republic.

    Scott is a serial entrepreneur. He started his first business when he was 16 (an ISP on the Mornington Peninsula), and has since founded or run 11 business.

    Highlights from the video include:

    • Scott is an advocate for hands-on leadership, and gets involved as much as possible: “I’m very much an advocate for hands-on leadership…The technology changes so quickly, business changes so quickly. You need to go back into each area and understand what the changes are otherwise you can’t have meaningful conversations about that area of the business..” (Video from 2:29)
    • Why Scott’s management team doesn’t have portfolio separation: “A lot of them are involved in not just Acquire BPO they may be involved in 1, 2, 3, 4 different businesses that I’m involved in. So that also keeps them very motivated, keeps them challenged, keeps them grounded as well. They’re always learning new things, and the right people absolutely love that and thrive on it.” (Video from 6:22)
    • Scott on why it’s so important to understand what drives your people as individuals: “You want them to go home proud… whatever it may be that gets their blood and adrenaline going. You want to tap into that, and you want to use all those positives to drive your business and help you.” (Video from 11:20)
    • How Acquire BPO have successfully expanded into Asia and the US: “What a lot of people do is fly a lot of expats around somewhere and go tell them to setup the same and replicate the same thing as you can in a foreign country. It doesn’t work.” (Video from 15:19)

    The video:

    The interview:

    Steve Pell: Hi, I’m Steve Pell from Management Disrupted, I’m here with Scott Stavretis from Acquire BPO. Scott thank you for joining us, could you just give us a brief intro to what the business does.

    Scott Stavretis: Absolutely. So Acquire BPO is a business process outsourcer.

    We specialise in delivering contact centre solutions and back-office solutions for our clients, whether they’re in Australia or the US. We have a team of resources in offshore locations such as Dominican Republic and the Philippines where we find the right people and deliver them to our clients.

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  • Be humble, be brave: Craig Tiley, CEO at Tennis Australia

    Management.Disrupted TA

    Craig Tiley is the CEO of Tennis Australia.

    Tennis Australia has overall responsibility for the promotion and development of tennis within Australia, including the marquee Australian Open. Last year’s Australian Open attracted over 1 million visitors, supported by over 9000 employees and support staff.

    Craig started his career as a tennis coach in South Africa and the United States, with a long history in administration of the sport culminating with his appointment as CEO of Tennis Australia in 2013.

    Highlights from the interview include:

    • Why Craig unilaterally imposed a set of values on the organisation when he was made CEO: “I said these are the things and the values that are important to me. And so we’re going to have this organisation adopt those values” (Video from 3:20 and 6:20)
    • How Tennis Australia builds a culture of teamwork in a sport that celebrates individual success (using some great examples of Lleyton Hewitt and Nick Kyrgios) : “I think our product is two-folded, one it celebrates individual success, but also it does celebrate team success” (Video from 9:21)
    • Why Craig considers himself a feminist: “I’d consider myself someone that, I will advance the agenda of anyone that hasn’t had the same equal opportunities as me” (Video from 20:20)
    • Craig’s principles for effective communication across the organisation: “Listen, and you’ve got to be the best listener, that’s how you communicate best.” (Video from 21:31)

    The video:

    The interview:

    Steve Pell: I’m Steve Pell from Management Disrupted; I’m here with Craig Tiley, CEO of Tennis Australia. Craig thank you for joining us, could you just tell us a little bit about what your role involves here?

    Craig: First of all it is good to be here Steve and have a chat about this. I am CEO of Tennis Australia, and that involves overseeing the entire business. And we are a business that not only delivers tennis in Australia but also responsible for all of our events, including our marquee event which is the Australian Open.

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  • Managing with marginal utility: Paul McCarney, CEO at Data Republic

    Paul McCarney

    Paul McCarney is the founder and CEO of Data Republic.

    Data Republic is a data exchange ecosystem and technology platform where organisations can exchange and collaborate with data. Open data is a big business opportunity, with companies looking for new ways to combine their data to get a better picture of their customers and prospects.

    Paul has been founding and running his own businesses for over 20 years, starting when he was 19. As well as founding and running his own businesses, Paul is an active non-executive director – TradeMe and iiNet are two notable appointments over recent years.

    As a CEO, Paul is heavily focused on marginal utility, and many of the interesting points in this interview build on this:

    • What Paul has learned from being on the board of other organisations: “Think about empowering people and making sure that you don’t get too operational” (Video from 3:52)
    • Managing with marginal utility: “As much as people have a say, there’s one steering wheel. You’ve got it, if you’re the CEO.” (Video from 7:36)
    • Saying no and aligning decisions to company vision: “Strategy is more about what to say no to than what to say yes to.” (Video from 15:00)
    • What Paul wishes he knew on day one when he was 19: “I’m much more centred now and as much as I’m passionate about what we do, I’m not the outcome.” (Video from 18:47)

    The video:

    The interview:

    Steve Pell: I’m Steve Pell from Management Disrupted. I’m here with Paul McCarney from Data Republic, founder and CEO. Paul, could you just tell us a little bit about what the business does?

    Paul McCarney: We’re a trust framework to help companies exchange data. So basically creating a data exchange and infrastructure to enable companies to exchange data.

    A lot of organisations have strategies which are surrounded in the construct of personalisation. Often the views that they have of their customers are somewhat limited to the amount of time that customer spends with their company, 1, 2, 3 percent of that customer’s life spent with that company.

    Most of the time the customer is doing something else. To really understand and offer the right products to the right customer at the right time is challenging. They just don’t have the information.

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