The Practical Value of Learning Mandarin

Language is the most significant communicative tool. Chinese is the world’s most populous language, however Mandarin is the standard form of Chinese language, which is furthermore the world’s most populous state common language. Now, with the progress of China, more and more persons around the world are learning New Concept Mandarin.

Why learning mandarin

In terms of continuance the motherland’s reunion and enhancing national unity, promoting Mandarin is helpful to enhance the communiqué between all ethnic, all areas and all countries. Hong Kong plus Macao compatriots have revealed unprecedented interest to learn Mandarin, they take learning plus using of Mandarin as acredentials with the motherland.


For any persons, no matter Chinese or outsiders, who can speak fluent nationwide common language, with expert language ability and joint with one or two foreign languages plus basic computer ability is outstanding. These are the most valuable skills. People with these skills will have a leading position in school plus career competition. People can profit a lot from these in their lifetime.

Widely used

Mandarin, as the standard form of contemporary Chinese language, is one of the six functioning languages in the United Nations. It is not merelyasignificant tool in the foreign economic, political, plus cultural exchanges, but moreoverasignificant tool for foreigners to learn mandarin language plus understand China. Now more and more foreigners are learning Mandarin, Mandarin is extensively used in the world. In other words, the practical worth of Mandarin would be improved with the continually improvement of China’s general national strength and global status.