How the Spearheading IoT Technology

Did you know that more than 77% of businesses are dependent on technology for their expansion? Other than Substantial data and Cloud, IoT has produced an exceptional effect in the marketplace. It appears as if what once was a dream has turned into reality. Observing the development rate in the tech marketplace, we at iot system hong kong choose to do something new and different. Our fascination with progressing technologies led to analysis and so implementation.

The Start

While moving ahead with the motto of making people’s life easier, we have created many web and portable experiences, but somewhere down the line, something was still missing! After brainstorming on what’s next, we iot system hong kong realized that the next big thing is allegedly the current little one, i.e., IoT – An emerging technology. We decided to expand our chances and create an intermediate IoT system that involved the use of software and hardware too. The system was named Counter System.

Timeline and Journey

So what is a footfall counter? It’s a system that is used to count the number of people entering and exiting any venue. Different industries like retail, shopping malls, banks, etc., may make the most of such a system to analyze their visitor’s speed and improve strategies. This logistic hong kong can be helpful for numerous purposes like measuring traffic trends, discovering conversion ratios, and assessing the effectiveness of campaigns. Keeping that the final project theme in mind, we started with the base work. The development of this project demanded using both hardware and software components for implementation.

The significant challenge that came at the very first step was digital circuitry. In the group of seasoned IT engineers and coders, we were scratching heads to locate the qualities of an electrical pro. Since the team and scope were restricted, we moved ahead with the simple learning procedure.